Friday, February 16, 2024

In Greenwich Village, an elegant abode,
A townhouse of old, with stories untold.
For four decades, it served the school well,
But now it's time for a new story to tell.

The New School's prestige, a symbol of pride,
A residence for leaders who could confide.
Now, listed for sale, a price so grand,
Twenty million dollars, changing hands.

Nikki Field and Mara Flash Blum,
Listing brokers, singing the salesroom's tune.
They announce the news with hearts astir,
The Scatturo House is looking for an heir.

Faculty and students, they made the call,
Seeking respite from a budget that falls.
Pressure mounting, they know the way,
To sell this treasure and find their way.

Amid the turmoil, a president resides,
Donna Shalala, where her heart abides.
Former Congress member, with service esteemed,
Health and Human Services, she had once deemed.

Since 1984, when the school bought,
This haven of knowledge, a well-wrought plot.
Presidents passed through its grand entryway,
Leaving their mark as time slipped away.

Herman and Nina Schneider, authors of lore,
Sold their dwelling, its spirits to explore.
With mortgage repaid, its worth grew prime,
A place where intellect would forever climb.

And so, this townhouse, steeped in history,
Stands now for sale, a new possibility.
Greenwich Village awaits new voices to fill,
This bricks and mortar, where dreams distill.

A symbol of progress, of knowledge profound,
Its walls may change, but wisdom resounds.
Let the closing decide its tax's fate,
As a new chapter unfolds, a tale to elate.

So bid adieu to the Scatturo House,
For its time has come, like a restless mouse.
But fear not, the New School shall endure,
With a new path ahead, its legacy secure.

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