Sunday, February 11, 2024

In the land of politics, where battles are fought,
A special counsel's words have caused quite a thought.
Jill Biden, the First Lady, took to the page,
To defend her husband, to ease the outrage.

She wondered aloud, in her email to all,
What the counsel aimed for with his sudden call.
"To use our son's death as a political pawn,
Is a heartless act, to which I must frown."

For those who have felt the weight of great loss,
It's not measured in years, but the pain that it costs.
Beau Biden, their son, forever in their hearts,
A brain tumor claimed him, tearing families apart.

The counsel's report, a hypothetical defense,
Claiming Joe Biden's memory was not immense.
"Hazy," "faulty," "fuzzy," with "limitations" profound,
But for Beau and his death, Joe's thoughts are always found.

Beau's passing, a reason Joe didn't run,
But it served as motivation when 2020 begun.
May 30th, a day etched upon Jill's soul,
A day that shattered them, and left them not whole.

But from the shards of pain, purpose was found,
To serve the country, to stand on solid ground.
And Joe, in his grief, finds strength every day,
To lead with compassion, in his own special way.

The references to Beau in the counsel's report,
Sparked anger in Joe, who couldn't be taught.
"How dare he raise that?" the president exclaimed,
In the face of adversity, Joe stood unashamed.

While voters may worry about his advancing age,
Jill defends her husband, turning the page.
Joe, at 81, defies all expectations,
With wisdom, empathy, and unparalleled dedication.

His experience and expertise, an asset indeed,
A testament to all that he can achieve.
So let not the special counsel's words bring dismay,
For Joe Biden continues to lead the way.

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