Saturday, February 10, 2024

Oh Canada, prepare for soccer's great stage,
The World Cup of twenty twenty-six,
Where nations will battle and hearts will engage,
With cheers and cries, the crowd intermix.

In Vancouver, a city so full of grace,
Seven matches will grace its sacred ground,
With renovated stadium now in place,
Where dreams of victory and glory abound.

Toronto too, will have its shining hour,
Six matches it shall proudly call its own,
The first involving Canada's power,
A nation united, strength fully shown.

But alas, the cost of this grand affair,
Is one that's not entirely clear,
For Qatar, with its new stadiums rare,
Spare no expense, the riches they share.

Yet Canada's efforts, modest they may be,
A renovation here, some new seats there,
In Vancouver, B.C. Place shall now see,
A sprucing up, but will it dare compare?

And Toronto, with precise calculations,
Adds temporary seats to expand the fold,
A grand spectacle for all generations,
To witness victories, unforgettable and bold.

Montreal, alas, did drop out the race,
Funding concerns halting its dreams,
But fear not, dear Canada, find your place,
In this global stage, where hope gleams.

Oh World Cup, bring us joy and delight,
In Canada's embrace, we all unite.

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