Friday, November 10, 2023

Oh Adidas, what secrets do you keep?
What tales of Kanye lay hidden deep?
Megan Twohey's reporting, a trail she did seek,
Unraveling the truth, discovering the leaks.

In the world of fashion, Kanye reigns supreme,
His Yeezy empire, a designer's dream.
But what did Adidas know, before they teamed?
A partnership shrouded in mystery, it would seem.

Through the corridors of power, the whispers spread,
Adidas knew the truth, but kept it unsaid.
Megan Twohey's investigation, she boldly tread,
Peeling back the layers, the story ahead.

Oh Adidas, you had knowledge in your hands,
What was the truth? What did you understand?
The secrets of Kanye, the master of brands,
But you kept silent, in your cunning plans.

Stanza Break

Behind the scenes, a tangled web was spun,
Kanye's inner world, a journey begun.
The Daily's team, relentless and shrewd,
Unveiling the truth, exposing the mood.

Rachel Quester, Lynsea Garrison, they lead the way,
With Clare Toeniskoetter, Paige Cowett, they sway.
A team so strong, they will not sway,
In their pursuit of truth, they stand brave.

Stanza Break

Oh Adidas, the whispers grew louder each day,
As Megan Twohey's reporting came into play.
The collaborators' silence, now in disarray,
The truth was out, there was no more to say.

But amidst the chaos, a lesson to learn,
The power of journalism, one must discern.
The Daily's team, with passion did yearn,
To shed light on the darkness, for truth to return.

So let us thank those who uncover the lies,
For their courage and dedication, let's rise.
Megan Twohey, her name in bright skies,
The truth she revealed, with unwavering eyes.

Stanza Break

Oh Adidas, your secrets are no more,
The truth is out, knocking on your door.
In the world of fashion, scandals galore,
But thanks to The Daily, the truth does soar.

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