Friday, November 17, 2023

In the season of gifts and holiday cheer,
Let me guide you on a shopping spree.
With beaded jewelry, bring joy near,
A festive alternative, I decree.

Don’t Let Disco, the brand so bold,
Crafts necklaces with beads of flair.
Yellow jade and blues, a sight to behold,
Versatile and stylish, no trouble to wear.

David Webb, a jewelry house aged well,
Creates necklaces of amethyst and more.
Strung with diamonds, their beauty does tell,
A townhouse on Madison, where artistry pours.

Azlee, a brand from the City of Angels,
Fashioning fine jewelry for everyday.
Embrace the colors of Burmese sapphires in panels,
Opulent stones in striking array.

Notte, a brand inspired by Hong Kong's charm,
Where kitschy charms and vibrant beads reside.
Aventurine stones, green and warm,
Necklaces that exude an eclectic pride.

For the young and the playful, I say,
Super Smalls has a bead kit so grand.
Entertain and create, make memories today,
A D.I.Y. activity, a gift so unplanned.

In this holiday season, with gifts that please,
Beaded jewelry sparkles with glee.
From one-of-a-kind to colorful bracelets and necklaces,
Discover the joy of giving and the joy to receive.

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