Friday, November 3, 2023

In '48, we journey back in time,
To a year that left its mark sublime.
With reporters near and far,
They searched for truth, both near and afar.
Investigating and fact-checking,
They sought to keep the nation reckoning.

A team of names, longer than a train,
Each one playing their part, no refrain.
From Shipler to Lee, they lent their pen,
Uncovering stories, time and again.
With Schmemann, Rudoren, Erlanger too,
Their words painted pictures, clear and true.

In '48, The Daily was born,
A podcast team, dedicated and torn.
Quester, Garrison, and Toeniskoetter,
Cowett, Johnson, and Fisher, the go-getters.
Wood, Cheung, Tan, and Young,
Their voices together, a chorus sung.

Chow, Krupke, and Leigh, oh so strong,
Georges, Lin, Powell, a storytelling throng.
From Harper to Benoist, the team grew,
Baylen, Chaturvedi, Bonja, and Nguyen too.
Lozano, Schreppel, Szypko, Ittoop,
Zadie, Willens, and Niemisto, the scoop.

From Becker to Novetsky, they strived,
To bring the news alive, contrived.
Ketchum, Feldman, Reid, and Prieto,
Calhoun, Lee, Stern, and Farrell, in the know.
Lanman, Lin, Wong, and Taylor,
A team so skilled, they never could fail ya.

With Moxley, Thomad, Natt, and Ramirez,
Klinkenberg, Anderson, and Dolnick, inbound whizzes.
Szuchman, Tobin, and Simon, alliance strong,
Milan, Chablani, Davis-Moorer, where they belong.
Miranda, Borelli, Masiello, and Anderson,
Lassam and Johnson, joining the bandwagon.

In '48, the music played sweet,
Brunberg and Landsverk, a melodious beat.
Wonderly's talent, their theme song divine,
Setting the tone for each headline.
With Dolnick, Paula, Tobin, and Anderson,
Simon, Milan, and Chablani, a news haven.

So let us remember this remarkable crew,
Their dedication and work never askew.
In '48, they set the bar high,
With their reporting skills, the truth to untie.
Through names too many to count or recall,
Their voices together, they stood tall.

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