Thursday, July 20, 2023

In summertime, when sun is high,
And thoughts turn to the open sky,
A stack of books, a beachside chair,
A reading list that's beyond compare.

Opinions broad, diverse, and fair,
To contemplate, to love, to share,
These literary gems, so bright,
Will surely bring us pure delight.

From Tweet to tome, our hosts advise,
With eloquence and keen surprise,
Their voices strong, their thoughts profound,
Through pages turned, their words resound.

Michelle, Ross, and Carlos too,
Lydia, with insight anew,
They guide us through this literary quest,
To find the books that we love best.

"Matter of Opinion," their podcast name,
With Phoebe, Derek, and Sophia, the same,
Producing insights, sparking our minds,
Into the literary unknown, we find.

Stephanie edits, shaping the prose,
Pat mixes, as melody flows,
Isaac, Carole, and Pat compose,
Original music that touches our souls.

Fact-checking by Kate, Mary, and Michelle,
Ensuring truth in every tale,
Their eyes are sharp, their minds are keen,
For accuracy, they're forever keen.

And Shannon and Kristina, with strategy,
Promoting our podcast for all to see,
They bring our audience to new heights,
Spreading our words like guiding lights.

Annie-Rose, our executive queen,
Leading the charge, a visionary dream,
With her guidance, we bravely go,
To challenge minds, to learn and grow.

So gather your list, your summer delight,
With each book an adventure, a flight,
In this world of opinions, so vast and wide,
Let the pages take you on a glorious ride.

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