Thursday, July 13, 2023

In the realm of social media we dwell,
A virtual space where stories we tell.
Opinions run wild, unfiltered and bold,
A cacophony of voices, stories unfold.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more,
Platforms that connect us, but what's the score?
A cesspool some claim, where hatred breeds,
Where trolls and bullies plant their toxic seeds.

Thoughts? They ask for, a call to be heard,
To email or voicemail, share your word.
But beware, your name and voice they'll take,
To use and allow others to partake.

The hosts on Twitter, they do reside,
Michelle, Ross, Carlos, Lydia side by side.
"Follow us," they beckon, "join the fray,"
In this social media circus, come play.

Listen to "Matter of Opinion," they say,
Produced by Sophia, Derek, Phoebe, and May.
Stephanie edited, Carole mixed the sound,
Original music by Isaac, Efim, Sonia, and Pat renowned.

The fact-checking team, they do their best,
Kate, Mary, and Michelle put queries to rest.
Audience strategy by Shannon and Kristina,
Guiding the show with skill and by formula.

But as we ponder this digital stage,
We must ask ourselves, is it all the rage?
Are we really connected, or just drifting apart,
In this social media cesspool, where do we start?

So, share your opinion, if you dare,
In this virtual world, where do you fare?
But remember, amidst the noise and commotion,
To seek the truth and spark genuine devotion.

For social media, despite its flaws,
Can bring us together, break down the walls.
But let us not forget, as we scroll and we scroll,
To keep our humanity, body, and soul.

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