Sunday, July 23, 2023

In a land divided, fraught with strife and pain,
A tale of loss and hope does now unfold.
A story of a family’s gentle strain,
Where Arab roots and Jewish hearts take hold.

At just sixteen, a girl named Mariam,
Gave birth to Walid, a boy so full of life.
But war soon came, a turbulent program,
Forcing them to flee, to leave their home in strife.

Umm al-Fahem, where they sought refuge then,
A village, now a city in its wake.
The hills surrounding it, a humble den,
Where history and culture interlace.

With dreams untamed, young Walid took his stand,
Left school at sixteen to find his own way.
A bakery, a tax clerk’s job at hand,
The path of art was not yet in array.

But fate stepped in, a chance encounter near,
A Jewish family recognized his skill.
They urged him to pursue his art, to steer
His talents towards a future, bright and still.

Enrolled in classes, art his heart’s desire,
Walid painted landscapes, etched his soul’s voice.
Inspired by his mother’s Sufi fire,
He created beauty, made hearts rejoice.

In twenty-nineteen, his spirit took flight,
Leaving behind a legacy so grand.
His family, inspired by his own light,
Embraced their own talents, took brush in hand.

Said, his younger brother, chose a different path,
Video art became his chosen creed.
A collaboration, a shared aftermath,
With his dear mother’s memories, he’d weave.

And so, their art now stands as testament,
In Ein Harod, a retrospective grand.
A testament to loss, but hope unbent,
Where Arab and Jew find peace, hand in hand.

In this kibbutz, their story comes alive,
A tale of love, of tragedy turned bright.
Through art, they find a way to bridge divide,
To honor heritage, to shine their light.

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