Friday, May 24, 2024

In Estonian waters, where serenity once did dwell,
Russia's hand reached out, a border tale to tell.
Buoys vanishing into the silent sea's deep swell,
EU voices rise, in unison they yell.

In the Baltic's embrace, a delicate line erased,
Estonia's pride, Russia's move to be faced.
A dance of diplomacy, a contentious chase,
Amidst shifting waters, a border's grace.

Estonian winds carry whispers of dismay,
As buoys silently drift, marking the border's way.
In this maritime tango, where power holds sway,
EU condemns Russia's game of play.

A silent protest echoes across the waves,
As Estonia stands firm, not willing to cave.
In this tale of border markings crave,
A dance of diplomacy atop the rippling wave.

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