Monday, May 13, 2024

In Haiti's sweltering streets, a leader reigns,
Barbecue, his name sparking fear and dread,
His gang ready for fight, no hint of strains,
As international troops approach with tread.

A notorious figure roams the land,
Among the palm trees and dusty roads,
Barbecue, his grip strong, his power grand,
His forces poised, as war's heavy shadow looms.

Their readiness sparks tension in the air,
As Haiti braces for an uncertain fate,
Barbecue's bold words like a warning flare,
In the face of impending international debate.

The world watches, as the stage is set,
Will peace prevail or will violence escalate?
Barbecue's forces stand firm, a fierce silhouette,
In the murky waters of Haiti's turbulent state.

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