Sunday, May 12, 2024

In Rafah's dusty streets, the hospital doors now closed,
As Israel's forceful hand in shadowed conflict posed,
People scatter, flee from harm, with fear and chaos sown,
A somber dance of war and grief in this familiar zone.

Aid workers rush to aid the exodus of worried minds,
In Rafah's main hospital, compassion hard to find,
The wounded, scared, and lost in search of safety near,
As violence brews, so stark, so cruel, in Gaza, a land of fear.

The world looks on, in silence, as this tragedy unfolds,
In Rafah's streets where stories of despair are told,
Yet hope still flickers, dimly, in the darkest of nights,
As bravery shines through the chaos, in these relentless fights.

Oh Rafah, torn by conflict's hand, we weep for you tonight,
As families flee and homes collapse in the ever-growing blight,
May peace find solace in your land, may healing start to bloom,
In Rafah's heart, may love persist and banish all the gloom.

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