Thursday, April 4, 2024

In Montana's vast expanse, wildfires fiercely burn,
Consuming acres of trees, leaving devastation in turn.
The once lush forests now reduced to mere ash,
Leaving ranchers and landowners in despair and cash.

As Don Harland surveys his Sheep Creek Ranch with dread,
He knows the forest won't come back from the dead.
The dry summers have turned once thriving pines into fuel,
Leaving behind a scorched landscape, cruel.

But a glimmer of hope arises from the charred land,
A company named Mast extends a helping hand.
They pledge to replant and restore the forest's grace,
Offsetting carbon emissions, a noble embrace.

In a dance of nature's destruction and human strife,
Companies strive to rebuild the tree supply chain's life.
From Montana's flames to Seattle's green initiative,
A tale of resilience in a world so combative.

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