Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Ode to the Fallen Sky

In the region of Belgorod, near the border there,
A Russian plane took to the air,
With prisoners of war, Ukrainian souls,
Destined for freedom, or so it was told.

A military transport, grand and strong,
Carrying sixty-five brave hearts along,
Their fate uncertain, their future unclear,
As they embarked on a journey filled with fear.

The Russian Defense Ministry did confess,
Of the prisoners aboard, in their distress,
To be exchanged for their Russian kin,
In a hopeful exchange, where peace could begin.

But alas, tragedy struck in the sky,
As the plane crashed, causing hearts to cry,
A giant fireball, an explosion of despair,
Leaving us wondering, if anyone was spared.

The news agencies reported, they had their say,
But could not verify, on that fateful day,
The fate of the prisoners and the three others,
Lost in the wreckage amidst the smothers.

Ukraine's agencies remained silent, it's true,
Unable to comment on this tragic view,
The Ukrainian Defense Ministry deep in thought,
As Suspilne reported, their words were sought.

The Ukrainian Air Force, bound by time,
Could not yet speak of this harrowing crime,
Leaving us to wonder, to question and wait,
If any survivors will emerge from this state.

And in the midst of the uncertainty and pain,
Baza, a Russian channel, shared a visual stain,
A video, they claimed, of the tragic descent,
A terrifying sight, to our hearts' lament.

Oh, fallen sky, witness to sorrow and woe,
Your mighty wings failed you, causing hearts to grow,
The souls of the fallen, forever we'll mourn,
May peace find them, wherever they are borne.

Let us remember the prisoners, brave and true,
Their lives cut short, their fate we now rue,
In the realm of the sky, where heartache resides,
May their spirits find solace as our tears subside.

In this ode to the fallen, we honor their name,
May the world remember, and share in their pain,
The Russian plane crashes, a tragedy so grim,
Let us pray for healing, as hope's light grows dim.

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