Saturday, March 16, 2024

Oh, Biden, with North Korea's tension at play,
How to navigate this delicate ballet?
Between threats of war and cries for peace,
Denuclearization seems an impossible feat to reach.

Kim Jong-un, a leader enigmatic and bold,
With nuclear weapons, his power untold.
As he shifts towards Russia, away from the West,
The shadow of war looms, an unwelcome guest.

Amidst warnings of conflict, the world holds its breath,
While Biden weighs options to avert a bloody death.
Bold choices are needed, that much is clear,
To ease the tensions and prevent a war so near.

So let's not rest, nor turn a blind eye,
As North Korea's crisis continues to fly high.
May peace prevail, and diplomacy lead the way,
In solving this puzzle, day by day.

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