Friday, March 15, 2024

In shadows deep, a group of magic folk dwell,
Their powers unmatched, a story they tell,
No battles fierce or villains to assail,
But white tears they soothe, their powers prevail.

Their mission clear, to comfort and appease,
To mend what's broken, and put minds at ease,
With keen perception, they see the inner frets,
And through their magic, white worries they abet.

In a world where roles are often skewed,
They stand as symbols, their powers shrewd,
A critique profound, a satirical jest,
On race relations, they put it to the test.

So watch as they weave their mystical threads,
In Kobi Libii's tale, where irony treads,
A glance into a world quite surreal,
Where magical Negroes white tears heal.

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