Saturday, January 27, 2024

In cities across the great Canadian land,
The talk of budgets spreads on every street,
With taxes rising, reaching out a hand,
For fiscal woes, solutions must be meet.

In Brandon, Manitoba, the second grand,
They propose ten percent to raise the bar,
In Calgary, taxes must reprimand,
With 7.8, they go quite afar.

And Vancouver, where seven point five gleams,
Approved by city council, setting sail,
But Toronto, that mighty city of dreams,
Debates a hike at ten point six, no fail.

But midst the chaos, hardly seems a dime,
Is spared for policing, security prime.

For in these cities, crime still does persist,
Though budgets rise, it seems there is no gain,
A mystery that pecks at the mind's gist,
Why harder they try, more crime doth remain.

Though money flows into the police's hand,
And budgets wax with each increase in rate,
The crime wave still engulfs the once safe land,
No correlation seen, how strange the fate.

Perhaps there lies a secret still unknown,
A different path to safety, undiscovered,
A shift in thought, new strategies to hone,
To quell the crime and keep the peace uncovered.

For spending more alone holds no sure link,
But innovation, change, is what we think.

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