Friday, January 26, 2024

In Tampa Bay at Sullivan School,
Where stress can take a heavy toll,
They've found a new way
To brighten their day,
Mindfulness lessons take their role.

With homeless kids, stress is severe,
But mindfulness helps make things clear.
A moment to breathe,
To find inner peace,
And let go of all that they fear.

In the morning, loud and clear,
Over the speakers, mindfulness appears.
With eyes closed they sit,
Absorbing each bit,
Learning forgiveness, free from tears.

For eight minutes, they sit so still,
Discovering skills that can heal.
They let go of the pain,
A sense of peace they gain,
Making wise choices, their hearts fill.

Sullivan School has seen a shift,
With mindfulness, spirits uplift.
From failing to thriving,
Their grades now arriving,
A transformation so swift.

There's no perfect way to teach,
But Inner Explorer is within reach.
With prerecorded sessions,
And mindful intentions,
A simple practice for all to preach.

Mindfulness, a gift to share,
To improve mental well-being with care.
In schools across the nation,
A mindful sensation,
Giving students a chance to repair.

Digital apps bring mindfulness wide,
Accessible to all, far and wide.
Headspace and Calm,
Bring peace like a balm,
Research shows their potential beside.

In Sullivan School, Avery knows,
Mindfulness helps when stress grows.
With strategies in hand,
Like the "shark fin" grand,
He copes and lets his feelings decompose.

In Sullivan School, positivity flows,
From hugging to high-fiving, it shows.
Through mindfulness practice,
A compassionate axis,
These kids' empathy only grows.

Though proof will come in time,
With lasting impacts yet to align,
Here in Sullivan School,
Mindfulness is the rule,
Working wonders, a truth so sublime.

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