Monday, January 22, 2024

In the kingdom of plants, a savior arose
To protect their seeds from their imminent foes
Cary Fowler, his name, a man with a plan
To feed the whole world, for the sake of each clan

He built an Arctic vault, a fortress so grand
To store the crop seeds, a precious demand
Preserving the legacy of nature's creation
A sanctuary of hope for each generation

Now as a global envoy, he sets forth a new vision
A return to the past, a change in our mission
Instead of vast fields of maize grown without end
Let us embrace diversity, a message to send

Opportunity crops, the gems of our past
Cowpeas and cassava, their memories will last
Sturdy and full of nutrients, a feast for our kin
Reconnecting with tradition, where we must begin

With a budget so small, a hundred million in hand
But the stakes are so high, we must take a bold stand
For in this era of climate shocks and rising costs
Food insecurity and instability are risks that exhaust

Secretary Blinken, a man of great might
Hailed the idea in Davos, a beacon of light
A genuinely revolutionary plan, he exclaimed
To nourish the world, a vision untamed

So let us embrace the variety of crops once known
And through the seeds we sow, let resilience be sown
For in diversity lies strength, a future so bright
A 'revolutionary' way to feed the world, in our sight

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