Sunday, March 12, 2023

Oh, Monday comes, a brief note to unfold
Of China’s ties with Saudi-Iran, behold!
A deal is struck, a pact is signed with grace,
A diplomatic dance upon world's stage.

But wait! There's more, a vegetarian fare,
A shawarma twist, let's all be aware!
Instead of lamb or chicken, cauliflower gleams,
A meatless option, fulfilling our dreams.

And in the realm of film, a tale is told,
Of "Stonewalling," where struggles unfold.
A Chinese woman, grappling with all
Pregnancy, work, pandemic's cruel call.

Now, let us listen to new tunes that play,
On weekly playlist, let us not delay.
For melodies can soothe our weary souls,
In times of chaos, they can make us whole.

Fear not the gym, where intimidation grows,
It's time to conquer, let your doubt be froze.
Exercise, dear readers, let's embrace,
And find the strength to triumph in that space.

Ah, the news quiz, a test for us to take,
To challenge knowledge, our minds awake.
Last week's headlines, how well did we know?
Let's give it a shot, let's put on a show.

And now, a crossword, a puzzle to seek,
With clues that tease, our curiosity peak.
Public uprisings, in just five letters bold,
Unveil the word, let our minds unfold.

Wordle and Spelling Bee, more games to explore,
To challenge our vocabularies, evermore.
For those seeking riddles, they shall not cease,
Enchanting wordplay, a linguistic feast.

As we conclude this Monday briefing bright,
With thoughts and suggestions, we take our flight.
Share your feedback, let our minds align,
Together we shall navigate this time.

So, let us start our week with narratives grand,
Of Hollywood's fixer in a distant land.
Dive into tales of Germany's military might,
Or explore protests in Israel's recent fight.

For Mondays may be brief, but in their wake,
They offer glimpses of the world's vast lake.
So, embrace the news and all its delights,
As we journey through these ever-changing nights.

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