Tuesday, March 7, 2023

In a land of zucchini and puff pastry,
A tart was made, so easy to see.
But amidst this culinary delight,
Xi accused the U.S. with all his might.

Suppression, he claimed, was their evil game,
A mighty accusation without any shame.
But let's not dwell on political schemes,
Instead, let's dive into sweeter dreams.

In "The Curator," a tale of fantasy,
A woman seeks answers, a quest so dainty.
Her brother's death, a mystery untold,
Searching through history, she'll be bold.

But while she seeks truth in times long past,
Let's explore the world of health and sleep, so vast.
Can cannabis lull us into peaceful rest?
Or is it just a fleeting, hazy jest?

Romance blooms in the oddest of places,
Even with a podcast bro, no dull embraces.
Would you dare to date this curious breed?
Or leave them to their microphone's need?

Now it's time to indulge in a little play,
Solving crosswords, clues to brighten our day.
Foreboding sign, a puzzle to engage,
Four letters to decipher, turning the page.

Wordle and Spelling Bee, challenges await,
Puzzles to solve, minds navigate.
For in riddles and words, we find delight,
A mental workout to keep things bright.

And as our briefing comes to an end,
Amelia bids farewell, like a faithful friend.
But fret not, dear reader, more news to come,
From tales of Libya to Ukraine, the beat goes on.

So let's savor the tart and embrace the day,
In this ever-changing, perplexing array.
The news may be heavy, but with poetry's flair,
We'll find solace and joy, in words we share.

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