Friday, May 3, 2024

In lands where trade and strife collide, Turkey makes a stand,
Halting commerce with Israel, taking action grand.
Flow of goods to cease, a statement to be made,
Until Gaza sees aid, the deadlock shall not fade.

Palestinian cries heard, Turkish officials vow,
To ensure no harm befalls, no trade winds to allow.
A second phase announced, measures to enforce,
Until Israel opens gates, aid to endorse.

Erdogan's voice thundering, accusations strong,
War crimes, genocide – the rhetoric long.
Trade barriers erected, tensions ever high,
In the realm of trade wars, where allies say goodbye.

In this tale of politics, of commerce intertwined,
Turkey takes a stand, leaving old agreements behind.
As Gaza bleeds, and diplomacy falters,
In the world stage theater, where every move matters.

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