Wednesday, April 17, 2024

In Miami's urban purview, under a highway's roar,
Sukeban's wrestlers take the floor, their skills to explore.
Bingo, Midnight Player, Rina, and Stray Cat,
In a fierce wrestling match, where acrobatics meet combat.

The crowd, a mix of hats, jerseys, and dogs small,
Cheers and jeers, amidst the car exhaust's sprawl.
Stray Cat in latex, a mask fierce and grand,
Faces off against Bingo, in a diamond-studded land.

"Stray Cat! Stray Cat!" the audience cries,
As she leaps and kicks, with claws and lies.
In a headlock, the opponents intertwine,
In this battle of strength, a spectacle so fine.

The spirit of Japanese wrestling takes flight,
In America's heart, under Miami's night.
Sukeban unites, in athleticism and grace,
A spectacle for all, in this vibrant place.

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