Monday, April 1, 2024

In Manhattan’s Chinatown, anger brews, dismay,
A looming jail project casts shadows its way.
The demolition roars, the dust clouds rise high,
Residents protest, they raise their battle cry.

The noise, the cracks, the dust, a daily plight,
Businesses falter, struggling in the fight.
With reduced foot traffic, concerns arise,
As the shadows of uncertainty seize the skies.

Community groups unite, against this jail so tall,
Demanding accountability, they stand tall.
For the Tombs’ remnants to pave the way,
Locals voice dissent, pleading for a better day.

Bracing for disruption, yearslong in scope,
The future uncertain, filled with grim hope.
Chinatown’s outcry, echoes loud and clear,
Against the jail project they hold dear.

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