Thursday, March 28, 2024

In Valley of the Moon, a scene most dire,
Migrant children wait, their health on fire,
Lacerations, fevers, and broken bones,
In outdoor holding sites, they suffer alone.

Dumpsters and porta-potties, their refuge dire,
No shelter, food, or care to acquire,
Waiting for hours, sometimes days pass by,
Health concerns for these children reach the sky.

In the acrid smoke, a boy's wheezing cries,
Asthmatic and alone under harsh skies,
Dr. Cheng sees the apocalyptic sight,
In Valley of the Moon's bleak, urgent plight.

From public health woes to dangers profound,
Migrant children in despair are found,
Dr. Cheng lends a hand, her care a light,
In the Valley of the Moon's unyielding fight.

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