Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Oh, Kelly Moran, pianist fair,
Encountered by Irena's heartfelt stare,
In a town where memories are bittersweet,
Their lives entwined in a fate's mystique.

At a funeral, they crossed paths,
In sorrow's clutch, their bond it clasps,
A mixtape request, a musical thread,
Began a journey where hearts are led.

With 28 albums in a Dropbox exchange,
Their friendship blossomed, a path so strange,
Through melodies and harmonious tunes,
They found solace under sorrow's moon.

In a fusion of grief and newfound light,
Kelly and Irena, in music unite,
A tale of healing, through notes and keys,
A friendship born from such tragedies.

In Midtown's piano studio grand,
Their bond solidified, hand in hand,
From high school hearts to present day,
Their music guiding the healing way.

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