Wednesday, March 13, 2024

In the realm of tech drama, a battle brews anew,
China frowns at the notion of a TikTok hullabaloo.
The House proposes a sale, bipartisan in its might,
Yet the Senate's future stance remains out of sight.

Biden stands ready, pen poised in hand,
Awaiting the bill's journey through Congress land.
Trump, it seems, has changed his tune,
Once in favor, now he sings a different croon.

Beijing's disapproval, clearly declared,
Shou Chew's testimony, a Congress affair.
No sale without China's government decree,
Their tech exports rule tightened, all can see.

Microsoft and Oracle, once in the bid,
Now their plans for TikTok on the shelf are rid.
As the algorithm dances, recommending with glee,
The fate of TikTok swings like a pendulum, wild and free.

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