Saturday, March 9, 2024

In the land of Ontario, where gambling ads do swarm,
Celebrities and athletes were once the norm,
But the province decided, it was time for a change,
To protect its people, a decision so strange.

No more Wayne Gretzky or Matthews in sight,
Their faces no longer adorning the night,
A call to end the ads, a new era begins,
As Ontario looks out for its kith and its kins.

With sports betting on the rise, temptation's call,
Ontarians beware, don't let yourself fall,
For 79 online sites await at your hand,
But with new rules in place, they must take a stand.

So farewell to the ads that once ruled the screen,
Celebrity faces no longer seen,
Ontario paves the way for a market more fair,
A step in the right direction, a path of care.

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