Friday, March 1, 2024

In the realm of romance, where love abounds,
Nellie, a perma-bridesmaid, hears profound sounds,
Her fear of time ticking, her eggs to freeze,
A choice unconventional, but it brings her ease.

In the cryogenic chamber, her future awaits,
Her intentional eggs, unlocking the gates,
A love story twisted, by technology's hand,
A rom-com turned horror in this bizarre land.

Fertility's tale, a double-edged sword,
Empowering some, while others are floored,
From cheerful procedures to clinics of fright,
The journey to motherhood, a complex plight.

So whether comedy or horror we see,
In the world of infertility, where choices decree,
From romantic freezes to chilling machines,
The quest for conception, in varied scenes.

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