Monday, February 19, 2024

In Russia, shadows linger, whispers spread wide,
As Navalny's death prompts questions to abide.
A voice against power, silenced in despair,
As suspicions bloom, envelop the air.

Authorities extend their reach and hold,
Blocking views, mysteries still untold.
His mother, seeking solace in his sight,
Denied access, in the shadows of the night.

The truth obscured, veiled behind closed doors,
While critics rally, demanding more.
They push, they pry, seeking to reveal,
The secrets that the darkness tries to conceal.

Oh, Navalny, your voice echoes strong and clear,
In the hearts of many, your message sincere.
In the face of injustice, you stood tall,
Now in your absence, we hear your call.

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