Saturday, January 20, 2024

In the city under siege, a radio station's plea,
Reporting local news with urgency and glee.
Fears and frustrations heard through the air,
As Ukrainian lives hang on with despair.

A real estate agent, amidst the chaos and strife,
Answers questions of hope for a new life.
State subsidies offered for blown-up homes,
But bureaucracy and paperwork weigh like stones.

Online theater shows, a glimmer of light,
An escape, a respite from the endless fight.
But one listener scoffs at this added feat,
"What additional format?" she asks, bitter and beat.

The government allotted space on the FM line,
For Radio Boiling Over, a voice so fine.
To counter the Russians, their warfare of mind,
With eerie content, meant to unnerve and bind.

"We will kill you," the phrase echoes through,
A sinister message, meant to subdue.
But Radio Boiling Over, their broadcast prevailed,
People tuned in, their fears unveiled.

For they are the source of swift and true news,
Of missile strikes and battles, the front's cruel hues.
A beacon of hope in a city under fire,
Radio Boiling Over will never tire.

In the face of darkness, they bring forth the light,
Giving voice to the voices, a fearless fight.
In this Ukrainian city, besieged and worn,
Radio Boiling Over, their resolve is reborn.

Through fears and frustrations, their stories unfold,
A testament of strength, resolute and bold.
In the heart of the siege, their voices ring clear,
Radio Boiling Over, their truth we hold dear.

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